How do you use the Typewinder™ Keyboard?

Lift or Roll the phone until the desired letter is Bold then select the key with the finger adjacent to the edge input key.

How can you text with a single hand?

Texting can be achieved with the Tap and Grasp single hand hold.

What is the Tap and Grasp Ergonomic hold?

Wrap a hand around the phone and tap the edge keys with four fingers while grasping the phone with the same hand. The small movements to tap the input keys provide a natural ergonomic solution.

What is the recommended way to hold the phone and use Typewinder?

The tap and grasp hold placing a pinky, ring, middle, and index finger on each key or anyway it is comfortable. This allows four input keys with a single hand. Personalize it in settings.

How do you enter a space?

Turn the phone completely upside down and back or press spacebar.

How do you erase a mistake?

Use the backspace delete key.

How do you see the entire message display?

Press the minimize keyboard key. Tap the text box to return to Typewinder.

Why is it difficult to see my entire message?

Use the minimize keyboard key to get glimpses of the entire message. The keyboard is designed to maximize the key sizes and position to reduce errors.

How do you enter Capital letters?

Press the shift/caps key (arrow up) then the letter each time capitol desired.

How do you enter symbols and numbers?

Select the 123 button for the numeric and symbol keyboard.

How do you send/enter?

Press the enter symbol, and then press send from the operating application.

How do you type with four fingers?

Touch the edge input keys with your index, middle, ring and pinky finger. It is similar to typing because 88% of the keys relate to a QWERTY keyboard.

How does the 7Positions X 4Keys = 28 Letters work?

The home position is flat on a table with three additional lift and roll positions. Adjust to a position then press one of four finger keys to create the desired character. All 26 letters of the alphabet are represented plus a period and comma in the main Typewinder keyboard.

Why are there Light Blue characters on the Keyboard?

To identify the Lift characters located on the Left side of the keyboard.

Why are there Red characters on the Keyboard?

To identify the Roll characters located on the Right side of the keyboard.

How is it Easy and Simple to Learn?

A majority of the input keys relate to the QWERY keyboard in the intuitive design of the Typewinder application.

How does 88% of the keys relate to a QWERTY Keyboard?

The home position matches the right hand home position. The index finger on ‘J’, the middle finger on ‘K’, the ring finger on ‘L’. The finger associated with the QWERTY keys is also related to Typewinder keys.

How are the Keys unobstructed when your texting?

Due to the unique tap and grasp hold, it keeps the display free and in full view.

How is Typewinder like typing?

The input keys are mapped to the associated alphabet keys on the QWERTY keyboard that a typical finger would press. The index, middle, and ring finger home keys for ‘J, K, L’ are the same on Typewinder.

How are Typewinder’s Keys 400% Larger?

Current mobile phone keyboards have 28 individual character keys while Typewinder utilizes 4 input keys which allow larger finger proportion size buttons.

What is Patent Pending ORTIS Technology?

A patent was filed in 2010 regarding the leading edge technology called ORTIS used within the Typewinder application.

What is Stealth Texting?

Stealth texting is the ability to type a text message without viewing the screen. Once the positions and keys are memorized, texting can occur in hidden locations such as under a table.

How do I get to the Settings Menu?

Find the Typewinder Settings icon in application window or press and slide a finger from the lower end upward.

Does the tutorial help understand how it works?

It is a graphic representation of which position relates to which letters and keys. Select one of the seven icons to display which letter is represented.

What is the benefit of the Audio mode?

It provides audible feedback while typing to allow an eyes-free input. When first learning the keys and positions it is very helpful.

Can you operate the keyboard with a left hand?

Yes, in settings switch to a left hand display with a check in the box.

Can you text with your thumb instead of your long finger?

Yes, use it anyway that makes your texting easier or faster.

Can I customize the key display for my thumb input?

Yes, check the left hand to switch the key locations and reverse roll to retain the right roll device positions to customize the display configuration for thumb side.

How do you adjust the sensitivity?

Select High, Normal, or Low Sensitivity for both Roll and Lift sensors in Typewinder settings.

Does Typewinder support other languages?

Currently supports the English alphabet only, however, visit our survey page to vote on the next supported language. (add link to survey questions)

How do you make Typewinder the default keyboard?

Press and hold on a Text field and select Typewinder.

How do you install the application?

Download from the marketplace or website.

Then go to “How to Set-up” menu install instructions. (add link to instructions)

Does Typewinder work on iPhones?

Currently supports the Android Version 1.6 and higher only, however, visit our survey page to vote on the next supported phone device. (add link to survey questions)

Does Typewinder work on Blackberry?

Currently supports the Android Version 1.6 and higher only, however, visit our survey page to vote on the next supported phone device. (add link to survey questions)

What applications will Typewinder work with?

Any application that uses a keyboard service for texting or typing such as Text messaging, Twitter™, Facebook™, MySpace™, Email, Calendar, Contacts,