1. First on the phone, Go to Settings>> Applications >> Check the box - Unknown Sources. This allows installation of applications from sources other than the official Android Marketplace. Change the settings back afterwards to uncheck the box to avoid unauthorized applications.  Leaving it checked all the time can make a phone more susceptible.

2. Due to the orientation sensor for the application, Typewinder application requires a fixed portrait screen position.  Go to >> Settings>>Display>> then uncheck the Auto Rotate screen function.

3. Click on the pop-up notification will ask to update the status. Click to download the file then choose to open the file with Package Installer. Click >> OK. Click>>Install.

4. To complete the installation, go through the following screens:
* Settings >> Locale & Text (Language & Keyboard)
* Find and check the box for Typewinder
* Exit out of this screen back to the Home Screen.
* Open a box where you can type (i.e. text message, email, etc.).
* Press and hold on the text field to bring up a menu, then select Input Method.
* Select the Typewinder option.
* Now Typewinder keyboard is activated for the text fields.

5. A notification will show up in the top utility bar.  Click on it to acknowledge the End User License Agreement for the Typewinder application.  The keyboard will be disabled until the agreement OK button is activated.


6. Enjoy Typewinding Text!
To switch back to the standard keyboard, press and hold on the text field for a menu to select a different Input Method. If you want to turn off Typewinder completely just go back into the Settings >> Locale & Text screen (Language & Keyboard) and uncheck the Typewinder selection.